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Only applicable for services above 1000sqft



  • HARDWOOD INSTALLATION is available in either Prefinished or Unfinished Flooring
  • Both options can be Solid or Engineered Hardwood

Hardwood Flooring is one of the best ways to transform a room. It will not only enhance the beauty of your home; it will withstand all the life that is being lived in it.

The planks are completely flat boards that create a flush surface once joined.
Almost limitless colors options available.

Prefinished flooring

PREFINISHED FLOORING comes from the factory with the stain and finish already applied. It is ready to be installed!
  • No drying or curing needed.
  • You can stay in your home during the process.
  • It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against defects.
  • Faster Installation.
  • Some types of prefinished wood cannot be resanded.

Unfinished flooring

UNFINISHED FLOORING needs to be sanded, stained, and sealed post-installation, resulting in a finished HARDWOOD FLOOR.
  • Certain finishes require a cure time before furniture can be moved in.
  • Once the labor associated with finishing is accounted for, unfinished flooring is more expensive than PREFINISHED HARDWOOD.
  • UNFINISHED FLOORING has a better look and the smoothness than PREFINISHED FLOORING.

Solid Hardwood

  • It’s made completely out of real, natural wood.
  • It’s durable but requires maintenance to avoid cracking, expansion, and other damage.
  • It can cup, expand, and buckle as the temperatures fluctuate since it is a natural product that absorbs moisture and humidity.
  • It should never be installed in rooms that are located below ground, as the excess moisture from the ground can destroy your floor.
  • It can only be glued or nailed down.

Engineered Hardwood

  • It consists of a solid wood layer on the top of a board with cross layers of plywood below.
  • It looks and acts like real wood. They are actually quite strong and durable.
  • It’s available in many different wood species.
  • It can be glued down, nailed down, or as a floating installation (Lock and Fold).
  • It can be installed in all areas of high humidity.
  • It can, in some cases, be sanded and refinished up to three times.
Eurofloorpro experts will guide you to make the right decision for your home floor needs.